What is Seiwasser?

Nothing in the world is more flexible and yielding than water. Yet when it attacks the firm and the strong, none can withstand it, because they have no way to change it. So the flexible overcome the adamant, the yielding overcome the forceful. Everyone knows this, but who acts afterwards!?
„Seiwasser“ is a philosophical upper concept and means „be like water“. Very briefly: Water is the softest substance on earth. It can flow softly or hit powerfully. It contains the two most extreme properties, therefore this softest element always adapts itself in a perfect way.

Who is Yasin Seiwasser?

At the age of 8 Yasin started with martial arts. However, he was missing some very important aspects of this training which he then added over the years to create a complete system. With 14 years he started to acquire knowledge in the fields of many different kinds of meditation, mental training, functional body training, nutrition and more to get the complete potential out of oneself. With the Open Mind philosophy „Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.“ he traveled around the world to deepen his knowledge.
He trained Special Forces, Marines and professional atlethes mentally and physically. In 2006 he also worked as a professional bodyguard for several VIPs including the king of Saudi Arabia. Yasin was able to gain considerable success in his career as a professional athlete. Completely on his own without a trainer he won the title of the german championship and also as vice European Champion in Mixed Martial Arts. He now passes this knowledge on, named as „Seiwasser - The Art of Fighting & The Art of Life“ in seminars all over the world.

What 'Art of Life' means

Being calm when it is peaceful is not real peace, everyone can do it.
Only being calm in a stressful situation is real peace.
Yasin Seiwasser

Art of Life means to strengthen mind & body, to tap the full potential and to become strong, stressless, happy and successful. Yasin Seiwasser has created an Art of Life Program, based on his more than 30 years experience, to achieve these targets. Art of Life Program includes:

Mental training

Control and management of mind and emotions

Affirmation and visualization exercises

Exercises for physical well-being

Nutrition instructions

Yoga and Meditation

Self-created methods based on many years experience

Self-discovery methods

Martial Arts exercises

Breathing, Relaxation and Body exercises

Art of Life - Introduction

With very effective methods you can be the master of your life. Learn to overcome difficulties in life with Seiwasser Art of Life. Flow strong, smooth and happy through YOUR LIFE. More than 32 years of experience in martial arts and meditation are based on these extraordinary methods.
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Experiences as Life Coach

Over many years Yasin worked in different institutions and also with complete different personalities and mediated his teachings as Life Coach. Just to name a few examples:

Teacher, leaders and manager

Special forces & police ROTA (Brasil)

Worked in official german governmental and psychological institutions

Teaching at a Peaceful Warrior Retreat with Dan Millman (2016, Costa Rica)

Special forces & marines (USA)

National & international pro athletes

What we offer

Art of Life Program

Sustainable effectiveness

Stress management

Self-assessment and self-confidence

Nonviolent communication and de-escalation

Art of Life Coach education courses

Work-Life Balance

Constructive communication

Nutrition instructions for physical well-being

Body shaping

High-performance Leadership

Martial arts and

All offered fields can be booked combined or single as Seminar / Workshop, individual-coaching, group-coaching, mentoring, speech or informative event.

Our expertise is also the analysis of your actual state and target state in order to create an individual coaching program for your particular requirement.

Your Benefits

Powerful Leadership

Mental power in every kind of communication

Mastering daily life situations

Strengthened mind and body

Better adaptivity to every given situation

Knowledge how to keep calm in stressful situations

Increased well-being and health

Self-knowledge and increased receptiveness

Increased efficiency and concentration

Positive energy and good vibes